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Tjilik RiwutNila RiwutDr.G.Budi Subanar
Tjilik Riwut Nila Riwut Dr.G.Budi Subanar

I’m, Nila Riwut, Dayaknese woman, a mother, and a grandmother. I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; try to give meaning in life by devoting and introducing the Dayak culture, Kalimantan, Indonesia. My interest in Dayak culture started when I was a teenager, I was taught by my deceased father and eventually I fell in love and I was determined to elaborate it. Everything I did, I did it with heart and grateful as my dedication to my both deceased parents.

The understanding about my ancestor’s culture is really enriched by the journals and private documentations of my deceased father, Tjilik Riwut. In order those documents become an academic work and able to give contribution to science, in the process, I was accompanied by Dr. G. Budi Subanar, post-graduate lector of Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta. With his guidance, several books have been published. As well for this website, it is written based on my understanding about Dayak culture based on the journals and documentations of Tjilik Riwut.

History and culture of a nation is a world asset which is priceless. In order that they will not just disappear, let us make some contribution for it. Even though just a small part and meaningless, I really hope that this effort will not be useless. ( Translator, Pius Arief Harmoko )

Macan cave, Seruyan Kalteng





Blessing and Grace of Almighty God website was published today. I hope this website at least able to meet anyone who want to know in depth about What and Who Dayak tribe, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

November 17, deliberately chosen as the launch date because of the number 17 is favorite numbers for Tjilik Riwut my late father and also his sacred number. Coincidence today is the birthday of Adek, my nephew, the second son of my sister Ida Riwut which is also guide me how to work on this website. Although Adek one who does not talk much, but he work for me very satisfactory. Thank you and Happy Birthday Adek.

Not a promise but it has become my desire that this website gradually be equipped with a variety of information of the dayaknese tribe, eg culture, history, medication, culinary and also dictionary of Ngaju Dayak etc. In this opportunity, I beg your prayer support that I do not to be rotted by the rain and do not fission by heat. Hopefully, this website is useful and can move forward and grow.



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