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Home Totok Bakaka Dayaknese Religion System Dayak Religious System in Central Kalimantan

Dayak Religious System in Central Kalimantan

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Dayak Religious System in Central Kalimantan
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Kaharingan Mythology

Since the beginning of life, the Dayak have a genuine belief they belong, namely Kaharingan or Helo/Helu/ religion. Their confidence are the basis of customs and their culture. Helo/helu/ religion or Kaharingan until now is still embraced by most of the Dayak, although in reality, many Dayak people who have embraced Islam, Christianity, Catholicism. Similarly, the residents on Kalimantan are not only Dayak people, but also it has mingled with people from various tribes due to marriage and various other causes. However, long-standing tradition in their daily lives are still firmly attached, not only in language, gestures, symbol, ritual, and lifestyles, but also in the sense and value systems of their views in the meaning of life.



• Kaharingan Religion derived and regulated directly by Ranying Hatalla. Ranying Hatalla mean Almighty God. That belief until today remain obeyed and adhered to by its followers hereditary.

• Kaharingan do not have enchiridion or role models as the founder which is the messenger of Ranying Hatalla.


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