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The Dayaks believes that dream is a reality that has significance for their life so that the dream has certain meaning.

There are several examples of the meaning of dream :

  • Corpse Seeing a corpse means gaining a fortune
  • Blood Seeing a blood means beware, the bleeding because of dispute or revenge can be neutralized by palas (swept by chicken blood) – see saki palas in other part of this website.
  • Tooth Losing upper tooth means an elder colleague or a family member will pass away.
  • Moon Seeing a moons means the person will be engaged
  • Ring Using ring means that a person has been hurt and suffers a heart-wounded because of our attitude.
  • White Clothes Using white clothes means the person will be very sick
  • Black Clothes Using black clothes means the person will be badly sick that might lead to the death.
  • Catching fish Means the person will get a fortune
  • Sick Means the contrary: healthy
  • Climbing a mountain Means the person will get promotion
  • Fall Means that the person will be ashamed (in Javanese: Kewirangan)
  • Snake Means the person will be tempted by another sex opponent
  • Crocodile Killing a crocodile means the person will have a strong opponent.
  • Baby Bird Catching a baby bird means the person will soon have a child
  • Chicken Catching a chick means the person will soon have a child
  • Boat Riding a boat means that the person will get sick
  • Fly Means the person will get a fortune
  • Eat Means the person will suffer a stomachache
  • Naked Means that the person will be ashamed
  • Cow Chased by a cow means the person will get sick
  • Water Buffalo Chased by water buffalo means the person will get sick
  • Swim Means that the person will get sick


Note: If someone had a dream with bad meaning, the way to neutralize it is that when the person awakes from the nightmare, a small number of the hair should be cut and buried or be put on the ground.

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Dayaknese People From Time to Time 1

Kalimantan as one of the biggest islands in Indonesia restores many resources such as natural and human resources. This essay tries to illustrate the Dayaknese people (Ngaju people) in Central Kalimantan with their unique characteristics and their relevant condition.

Figure 1. Woods and rivers as the center of Dayaknese people in the past

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Dayaknese People From Time to Time 2

E. Dayaknese People Cycle

E.1. Birth

Dayaknese people in Kalimantan have life cycle in form of traditional ceremony which has been conducted since long ago.

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Dayaknese People From Time to Time 3 - The End

G. Dayaknese community Myth

Dayaknese people recognize crocodile myth or it is well known as crocodile sign. Those who have crocodile sign have a possibility to be eaten by crocodile. The sign can only be detected when he or she is still toddler and it will be dissapeared after growing up.

Crocodile sign can be neutralized through scattering pure gold powder to a purposed wound in toddler forehead. After then it continues to a complement ceremony for him or her.

From above explanation, the Dayaknese people have strong relation to nature seen from their myth.

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Dayaknese People Live Attitude Dayaknese people live attitude is supported by 3 pillars. Harmonious relations really should be maintained, namely, the human relationship with God Ranying Hatalla, human relationships with other human beings, groups, or individuals, the relationship of human with the universe. Human being are Ranying Hatalla creation of the most noble and perfect. Therefore, humans must be role model for all other creatures. Nature is an order of harmonious, and the harmonization is the human responsibility. Mistakes made by humans either group or individual, could result the harmonization disruption and as the consequences whole population will suffer.

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Written documentation

Dayak tribe in the past has no alphabet, It is the reason why a written document was not found. Performed cultural inheritance in oral commonly called Tetek Tatum. TetekTatum is a way to tell with the rhythm sentence of ancestral origin, past history of the tribe, about heroism, and so on to the next generation.

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The Faithful Oath Of The Dayak Tribe To swear allegiance means daring to risk if forswear that have been spoken. If he was not faithful to his oath, he dared to bear the risk cut like rattan, which means that his life would be cut, ready at any time of lives lost from the body. Thus the meaning and the risk of The Dayak Tribe Faithful Oath

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Dayaknese Way Of Expressing Gratitude Dayak language vocabulary is not familiar with gratitude. Gratitude expressed in the attitudes and actions,  as well as a deep respect.


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Dayak tribe's attitude toward guests and visitors The customary law of Dayak tribe also has a chapter dedicated to protecting and maintaining a stranger who entered to their territory. An insult when a guests or visitor who entered to their territory, then experiencing hardship suffered in the Dayak tribe territory.

On the other hand, foreigners who enter the Dayak tribe territory, is also required to comply with existing rules.

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Commitment for the Dayaknese Commitment for the Dayaknese is significant. Breaking commitment without any realistic excuses will result into high risk situation. Those who have ever broken down the commitment will loose legitimacy around the neighborhood where they live and will no longer be trusted. This judgment is valid until those have departed from this world. Consequently, people should try to avoid making commitment to Dayaknese unless they have sure about it. If it has already committed thus it is suggested to them to build good communication among each other in order to neutralize any misconception of the commitment.



Yudith Mariaran Tresnowati, S pd

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