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Dayaknese Senior Traditional Life

The Traditional Life of Dayak Senior Citizen in Central Kalimantan

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Tjilik Riwut's Father

Tjilik Riwut's Father


The fact that you do not know us cannot lead you to love us. In order to be adored, firstly let us the Dayak community in Central Kalimantan presents our culture. We, the children of esun Tambun Bungai [1], has been unified and become the friend with the nature, our earth, for a long period of time. In our daily experience of life, we realized that it’s impossible to conquer the wilderness of the nature, the great forest  filled with wild animals, where huge rivers with strong current, some with fierce stream seemed awaiting its prey, all of those are our part of life. The circumstance made us realize not to revolt and try to conquer the nature, but we tried to understand and to befriend with it.

One of our ways to be closer and be unified with the nature is by trying to achieve the silence. For that, we often go inside to the deep of the jungle to find a silent place, concentrate to achieve the silence, to request guidance from the  Hatalla[2]. Silent, sensitive, unity with the nature caused in reality, one of which Tatu Hiang[3] of the Dayak bakaji[4] and possess the spiritual ability that one cannot underestimate.

Thanks for the translator.


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