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Tjilik Riwut & me1. INTRODUCTION

Our predecessor lives free in the nature, accompanied by the brisk voice of flowing river, the whistle of bird, the aroma of forest mold and the green of trees. The pure of the nature resulted in the cheerful and honest heart. That’s the daily life of our ancestor.

As a Dayak woman residing not in the village, I was contacted several times or to be exact I was judged that Dayak woman is apt in guna-guna and santet . One person came to my house because one of his relative became the victim of Dayak woman’s magic potion. Other person came for aid to free his family member from the witchcraft’s influence. Is it true that Dayak woman has the ability to make love potion preying the opponent sex for their personal interest?.

‘Dayak woman, who and what are they?’ is trying to give answers to those accusation and suspicion.


Tjilik Riwut & me

This writing is made based on the collection of writings and documents of prominent cultural adherent Tjilik Riwut. As addition, I inserted as well my experience and my thankfulness, my anxiety and concern as Dayak woman. Also my struggling life experience to get my self-identity as Dayak woman nearly disconnected from the cultural bound because of the long years accompanying my spouse far away from the homeland .

In this writing the information focuses on the role of Dayak woman in the past. To show the events and challenges in current time, I will reveal my experience struggling to make myself rise and hold to the noble cane of panatau Utus so that I can dia matei buseng although hit by the strong wave of globalization. By revealing my experience, I hope that in the long run, Dayak woman who has the same destiny like me feel challenged to regain the thing that almost “vaporized”.

The disconnection of generation from the cultural and ethnic socialization might result in the fading self identity as Dayak woman . The anxiety of the disconnection of generation from ancestor’s heritage in socialization or cultural knowledge due to the change of tradition of tetek tatum which is eroded by modernization, led me to choose the title above. Presentation in this writing is narrowed not on the Dayak woman in general, but more focused on Dayak woman in the region of Central Kalimantan. Native inhabitant of Central Kalimantan is the Dayak, divided in several tribes and several sub-tribes and each has its own language. Those tribes are Dayak Ngaju, Dayak Ot Danum, Ma’anyan, Lawangan, Siang, and several others.

Thanks For the translator.


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