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Home Culture The Faithful Oath Of The Dayak Tribe

The Faithful Oath Of The Dayak Tribe

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To swear allegiance means daring to risk if forswear that have been spoken. If he was not faithful to his oath, he dared to bear the risk cut like rattan, which means that his life would be cut, ready at any time of lives lost from the body. Thus the meaning and the risk of The Dayak Tribe Faithful Oath

Faithful Oath done by the Dayak tribe to their leader, usually held with a blood exchange is commonly called hakinan daha hasapan belum, then tied lilis lamiang around the wrist. After that cut the rattan, yellow rice sowing, sowing ash, salt, then deliberately injure the thumb of the right hand until bloody The ceremony is held before 12:00 o'clock noon. Here the meaning of human blood that dripped out of the right thumb is a symbol of dedication to their highest.

Requirements needed :

  • Rattan
  • Rice
  • Kitchen ash
  • Salt
  • Parang or a large knife as cutting tools
  • Round wooden or square as base to cut the rattan
  • Turmeric
  • Coconut oil

How to implementation

Before someone says his oath, first he stood in the direction of the sun rises, the East. Practitioner officer will spread rice in all directions, with the intention to the King of Nature, Hatalla Raja Tuntung Matanandau Kanaruhan Tambing Kabanteran Bulan living in seventh heaven, deign listen to the pledges that will be pronounced. After that, someone who swore reverse direction to the sun sets and practitioner officer sprinkled ashes, salt, and rice in the back of people who swear.When he is sworn not telling the truth, as the ashes fly scattered in the wind brought, as well as his life will be in vain and wretched, crushed like a salt fly and evaporated.

After that, somebody whose sworn turn again toward the sun rises, then the practitioner officer and somebody whose sworn in take a sitting position, both hands holding the sides of rattan. Before cut the rattan , somebody whose sworn must be dare to say: If he was not faithful to his oath, he dared to bear the risk cut like rattan, which means that his life would be cut, ready at any time of lives lost from the body. At the ceremony, the other leaders and the community who attended the ceremony as witnesses also stood face to face with people whose sworn, to participate as witness. Through the medium of rice spirit which sown and live in the seventh heaven, pleading to convey messages of human being to Ranying Hatalla as witnesses oath Ongoing.

When somebody unfaithful to the sworn, dishonest and just pretend, then, like ashes, flying in the wind, would be crushed like salt, and breathing will be disconnected like rattan cut. However, if the person who swore allegiance, diligent and honest for forever, then he will make a profit long, happy life, longevity, can be a blessing and a lot of luck.

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