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Home Culture Lilis/lamiang/manas/merjan


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Lamiang, lilis, manas or merjan is a kind of ancient beads are timeless colors will never fade with time. Function lamiang / lilis / manas/ merjan is a panekang hambaruan or booster spirit and belief in all actions, even the act also as a means of recognition and stability rests.

If a visitor by the Dayak tribes who have been well received, then disaki /dipalas or smeared by sacrificial animal blood, than on her wrists tied lamiang / lilis / manas,ancient beads, it indicates that the guest has been received well and even received a big honor to the highest. This is particularly true in the Dayak tribe Ott Danom, Punan, Heban, Apu Kayan, Siang, Bahau, Katingan. Another function of lamiang / lilis / manas beads, can serve as an ornament of women and also can be used to pay penalty fines to a customs violation.




The blue color is manas sambelum the orange color is lilis bunter.









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